How Does Print Fit Into Your Marketing Strategy?
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June, 2018

3 Ways To Improve Your Brand Image Using Print

In a time before iPhones, Youtube, and the Kardashians, it was predicted that future offices would be paperless. It was also predicted we would have hover boards. Suffice to say neither of these prophecies came to fruition.

The digital boom obviously changed the way we work, but faithful print has stuck around. Why? Simply put, humans like what they can touch.

It’s likely that print is so entrenched in your business that you don’t really think about it, but it is a pivotal element both internally and externally. Yet, so many get it wrong by cutting corners or overlooking the impact it has. Not you though. You’re clever, otherwise you wouldn’t have read this far. So here it is: three, no-fuss ways to improve your brand image using print.

1. Turn the ordinary into something unique

If you reflect on the mail you have received of late, it likely falls under the white, window box, probably-a-bill variety. Neither exciting nor disruptive. Sending mail is a standard part of business, so why does it have to be so utterly mind numbing? Hint: it doesn’t. Embellishing your print is a fast way to reinforce your brand image and differentiate against competitors.

For example, our business cards feature black and gold foil, and nearly everyone comments on how luxurious they feel. Now, we’re not suggesting you should bedazzle all your print with every embellishment on offer. However, having collateral that is both disruptive and exciting to receive is something all businesses should strive for.

This applies for ALL regular print in your business, be it notepads, documents, packaging, branded merchandise and the like. Whether you prefer opulent or subtle, even the smallest embellishments will stand out and create a favourable brand image association.

2. Don’t settle on cheap

We’ve all seen the deals. $15 for 200 business cards? That’s a bargain – who cares if they’re terrible?! Well, you know, your consumers care.

They might not be armed with the print jargon to describe different grammages or finishes, but they can still feel the quality. And, no surprises here, cheap print communicates that your brand is also cheap.

It might seem efficient at the time, but it is costing you more in the long run – especially when it comes to your brand image. Truthfully, a little goes a long way with print. Even using quality paper can lift a whole piece and solidify a positive experience in your consumer’s minds.

3. Embrace both technology and tradition

When digital and print merge, it is quite spectacular. Our Indigo digital presses can do all sorts of awesome things, but variable data printing is particularly special. This is the process of customising as many, or as few, pieces of print with different names, messages, or even images.

Personalisation has a major positive influence on purchasing decisions and brand image, as data proves that people respond well to messages tailored specifically for them. Couple this with the power of print and there’s a dynamic duo that cannot be stopped.

This is just one example of the new world of digital print. There’s limitless opportunity to apply in your business and improve your brand image.

It’s time to start reconsidering how print affects your image and business in a new light. Don’t just assume that any old print will do because your brand deserves the best.

For a spectrum of printing and finishing services, get in touch with Bambra. Armed with the best technology and an award-winning team, we never settle for anything less than print perfection. Every time.