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May, 2018

Meet Steven Haas

It’s easy to forget and sometimes hard to imagine the people behind an organisation. At Bambra specifically, you’d be forgiven for thinking we are all incredibly good-looking and outrageously hilarious. Well, because you’re right. However, we think you should get to know us all a little better: meet the Bambra Family.

At Bambra, we carve our own path and this is no less true for Steven Haas. From humble beginnings in the print industry, he has forged his way to the top.

It will come at no surprise that Steven displayed entrepreneurial characteristics even as a teenager. After starting his first business at 16 in sign writing, he decided to leave high school and give the world a crack at his own pace.

Steve’s love affair with print began with an apprenticeship in Graphic Reproduction, which he described as like ‘trying to solve a Rubik’s cube’. Naturally he became a master at his craft, evolving with the industry when new technologies were introduced, culminating in his role as an expert witness in federal court cases. It wasn’t long before Steven’s business acumen was recognised and he was asked to help international organisations restructure.

After three self-established companies and many stints helping other businesses, Steven is now CEO at Bambra.

Outside of the office, Steven is a talented artist who specialises in oil paintings. Steven is also completing his MBA and, true to form, maintaining top grades.

Focused and driven is an understatement when it comes to Steven’s goals and we’re pleased to have him at Bambra.